Arpette: Summer


Since 1926, members of the same family have succeded one another to make you experience an unforgettable moment in their magnificent mountain inn. Since June 2020 we are their successors.

Bon plan

From Champex, walk up the course of the bisse. Bisses are the historic irrigation canals of Valais. ... let yourself be surprised by the charm of a stroll along the water, accompanied by the only sounds of flowing water and the songs of birds.

After about 30 minutes at a comfortable speed and a 200 meter climb, the experience is terrific. The Val d'Arpette opens up before your eyes.

Discover Summer

The source: A discreet cove from which several sources spring and form the Durnand. It continues on its way in the Val d'Arpette, then forms the famous Gorges du Durnand.

Marshland: Frogs and dragonflies inhabit the marshy part of the upper plateau of Val d'Arpette. The trained eye will also discover carnivorous plants: Butterworts (Pinguicula) and sundew.

The larch and arole forest: Towards the Breya pass, a magnificent larch and arole forest dating back several hundred years. Let yourself be amazed by their ghostly appearance shaped by natural elements, lightning, avalanches and others.